Posted on 24-Jun-2018

Fiberglass Lion Sculpture

Glasspoll Art Offering Wild animal statues, lion statues, animal statues, animal sculptures,animal sculpture animal figurine, elephant figurines, eagle statue, dolphin figurines eagle figurine, dolphin figurine, animal figurines, bird figurine, eagle figurines, glass animal figurines, bird figurines, dolphin statues, dog sculpture, wildlife figurines for amusement park decoration , Fiber statues from India are extremely strong and durable. They can be dropped and put through stress and not break. For more Please visit our web : The paint is able to be washed without discoloring or fading. This makes the sculpture perfect for perfect to fullfill your purpose , "Fiber statues are extremely durable and strong! The only maintenance you will need will be to dust them regularly. You can wash them as well to give the deity of a bath of love and appreciation!